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“I have heard a lot of good speakers and you are right up there with Southwest Airlines president Herb Kelleher and author business executive Harvey McKay. Both content and delivery were outstanding!”


“Frank was an excellent motivator!  His presentation skills are unmatched.”

“Excellent instructor, never boring, very good content.”

I would like to recommend that all sales personnel be required to attend this class.  It has significantly changed how I look at myself and others I work with and market to in the field.”


''Laguna Group uses real life examples to drive concepts home. Because they do their homework, they are able to tie these skills to our industry. Sessions are entertaining, fast-paced and informative. "

Carol E. Scherman

 Executive Vice President Human Resources

Bergen Brunswig

“Laguna Group’s creative approach to seminars is a blend of the science and practical application of business principles. They understand the theory, but don’t stop there. Their programs include the best ways to get results.”

John E. Garcia


Sulzer Intermedics, Inc.


“I’ve been going to programs for 20 years. Laguna Group has the right formula; the information stays with you. It’s the best most practical course I have experienced. It’s hard hitting, effective – it works.”

Neil A. MacPhedran

Vice President Supply Management

ABB Canada

“This is the best seminar I’ve ever taken.  I was on the edge of my seat to know what Frank was going to talk about next. Never a dull moment.”

“Frank ranks in the upper 1% of great speakers I’ve seen and read about.  Look out Anthony Robbins!”

"The course is excellent.  Like watching a movie you need to see it twice to really capture the most from it.  Frank was great! I would like to attend again real soon.”



“Thank you so much for the inspiration!!  I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and I look forward to learning more…you motivated me to make a plan!!”



“Great course. I learned more in the two-day course about negotiating then I have in the MBA program at Pepperdine.”

“The best course I have taken in my 27 years with Mobil”

“Frank is an excellent speaker. He did a fantastic job presenting the material in a clear and meaningful way.”



“Extremely effective instructor. Dynamic, relative, interesting, good pace. Real world tie in. Good mix of materials, examples, and exercises. Thought provoking. Outstanding!”

“Very informative. Frank likes what he is doing and really appeared to care.”

“One of the best seminars I have attended in years.”


“Best speaker we’ve had in ages”

“Well focused and formatted.  Appreciated the wise use of time – good preparation. Frank has great presentation skills”



“One of the best seminars I’ve attended yet!  Frank was excellent and kept everyone’s attention.”

“Frank is an exceptional instructor – he combines professionalism with enthusiasm and a great sense of humor!”

“Great experience!  Truly educational course, which should be mandatory for all management staff.”



“Frank is an incredibly gifted speaker and excels in conveying concepts. His approach of ‘Function of Process, Not Results’ was great...”

 “Excellent overall. Frank is an excellent well prepared presenter with good interaction with the entire group.”



“Great presenter. What really made this course is all of the real life examples given. I have taken a 3-day negotiating class that didn’t even come close to this one.”



“In my 34 years of military and business experience, I don’t remember attending a course of study so effectively presented and meaningful to me and the challenges I face in today’s business world.”



“I was especially impressed with how it was tailored to physicians and not just the same old canned program.”

“Very motivational and stimulating personally and professionally”

“One of the best if not the best leadership conference I have ever attended”




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