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Learn more about Frank Kondrot

Frank Kondrot has delivered presentations around the world to a wide variety of business disciplines and diverse trade organizations.  He has consistently connected with every audience.  Each of his presentations is customized to the specific group – earning him 10+ ratings and rave reviews (see testimonials).  Some of his most requested topics are:

Achieving the Triple Crown of Business® Value – Inspiring stories and action plans of organizations that generate passion and profits by anchoring long-term business relationships.  Learn how finding cyanide in Tylenol became a defining moment for an organization or how the rapid acceleration of certain Audi models spelled disaster.  From hamburger chains to high tech industries – a common model of success that will change the way you look at your business.

The Winning Edge® in Business – Examples and success stories of focused organizations that are the best of the best at attracting and retaining profitable customers.  The six pillars of business success is becoming the strategic template of organizations that are going back to basics – winning the allegiance of strategic customers.  Practical and engaging examples of companies that standout in their markets – how to spark your own team to excellence.

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