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Passion to Win
The business world is changing. Stiff competition and shrinking budgets demand new solutions and skilled, effective management and sales teams. The game is performance. Results. The bottom line. Companies that rely on old, tired business skills will fail. Those that adapt and apply new strategies will stay competitive and profitable.

Laguna Group is a consulting and executive training firm that gives your business professionals the tools they need to succeed. Negotiation techniques. Coaching skills. Strategic planning. Building long-term business relationships. Thinking like an entrepreneur. Leadership skills. These are the ingredients your company needs to create a powerful, customer-focused team.

Results-Oriented Programs
Laguna Group is passionate about client results. The firm helps clients impact the bottom line and improve business effectiveness. Laguna Group is in business to see its clients win.

The firm's signature is insightful consulting coupled with stimulating, practical seminars. Programs are custom-designed for each client, not off-the-shelf, generic sessions.

Every business is different, and Laguna Group creates solutions to match each customer. The firm researches a client's industry, market conditions, opportunities and customers to design programs that reflect the actual business environment. We get to the heart of a client's business and present the strategies and tactics for success.

Laguna Group Difference
Laguna Group distinguishes itself from the competition in several ways:

Consultants are Business Professionals.

Laguna Group principals are senior-level executives with years of operations experience.

They are business savvy; they've been in your shoes. They know what your people need to know, and they lead, coach and stimulate discussions and learning on the spot.

Custom Programs Based on Innovative Research = Results.

Laguna Group customizes programs so participants can learn more and make more profit for their companies. Custom Programs draw participants into the content. Because attendees work with practical applications, they easily transition content from classroom to job.

Laguna Group has conducted extensive research on the skills and strategies of winning people and companies. The firm's specially-designed programs include a focus on these models of excellence and road maps to success.

Interactive Teaching Brings Home New Skills, Techniques.

Adults learn better when they're actively engaged in discussions and exercises. Laguna Group seminars are high-energy, interactive learning grounds filled with real-life applications.

Lectures, small group exercises, case studies, team assignments, videos and audio visual examples entertain and educate. Participants remember hard-hitting and practical examples and use them on the job long after the seminar is over.

Thinking Like an Entrepreneur.

Leading companies recognize and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit. Teams that work smart, take ownership and think like entrepreneurs deliver top-flight customer service and drive business success.

Laguna Group weaves core entrepreneurial skills into its programs to stimulate thinking and shape new behavior. Skills include coaching, leadership, negotiating, results orientation and learning how to lead and direct effective teams.

We are Passionate About Results.

Laguna Group principals are dedicated to coaching, motivating and inspiring participants.

The firm's support does not stop when the program ends. Laguna Group invites clients to call for guidance and counseling anytime in the future.

Invest In Your Future
Companies that survive and thrive in the future will need executives skilled in new management styles and experts in negotiating, persuading and building long-term business relations.

Numerous Fortune 500 companies have tapped Laguna Group's leading edge management and business development programs.

The firm invites you to find out how it can help you invest in your people and secure your company's future.

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